Kabi® A brush with benefits

Our commitment to innovation leads us to develop the first makeup brush that might add skincare benefits to your daily makeup routine.

The static magnets strategically placed at the core of each Kabi ®Brush could help to revitalize the skin by improving tone and tightening facial muscles.  

We have developed the first magnetic makeup brush that can add benefits to your daily beauty routine. The more you use it, the better your skin looks. 

Have you incorporated Kabi® into your beauty routine yet? 



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Kabi® is not just a brush, it's a master's tool

Kabi® brush Facts:

  • Unlike beauty sponges, Kabi® does not accumulate bacteria.
  • Magnetic. 
  • It is allergen free: perfect for sensitive skin.
  • It is compact, travel-friendly, ideal for a beauty on the go!
  • Shape and quality of bristles: improves the application of makeup for the professional makeup artist and for self application. 
  • It is versatile: use it for creams, powders, liquids, skin care products; even water based paints. 
  • Applies makeup evenly: speeds up the application process. 
  • Provides HD quality blending. 
  • Creates full coverage with a small amount of product. 
  • Does not absorb lots of product. 
  • Beautiful design, you will be proud to display in your vanity or working station.
  • Easy to clean: use a brush cleaner or use brush soap, it's safe to submerge these brushes in water.
  • Durable.