About the creators


They say that “necessity is the mother of invention”, and oftentimes, the best ideas are born when creative people look for solutions and use their imagination to think outside the box. This is definitely what inspired Vargas Beauty to come up with the new ultimate futuristic - looking brush for make-up art-ists! 

The company was started by Vargas and his wife Anabel. The pair have always been passionate about body art and the beauty industry, and together, they joined forces to create the Kabi® brush, a revolutionary magnetic patent pending design and utility that will cater to industry professional and beauty fanatics. The pair combined their wealth of experience and passion for the industry to launch Kabi® brush in late 2016, receiving a lot of enthusiastic receptions for the new product line. Kabi® is a true game changer in the world of brushes, they are sleek, innovative, luxurious, ergonomically designed, it really allows for more control when working on the face and the body, and it can serve a wide variety of applications, including applying foundation, concealers, bronzer, blush, contour and highlights, among other products. 

The Kabi® brush is perfect to give the skin a polished, buffed effect effortlessly cutting the makeup routine time in half. In addition to that, Kabi® is the perfect choice for users who are conscious about hygiene and cleanliness. The brush does not accumulate bacteria and debris, and it is hypoallergenic, meaning that is ideal to be used on people with sensitive skin. The animal free bristle, Kabi® brush was built with the finest materials available, making for a truly durable and reliable product, that will last you for a long time without losing its excellence and functionality! Whether you use your Kabi® brush for creams, powders, liquids or other skincare products, you won’t be disappointed. The brush’s optimized construc-tion also makes for a more efficient operation, since it doesn’t soak up excessive amounts of product, and it is really easy to clean up after use!