Kabi Shapes - patent pending Kabi®



KABI® FLAT: Hold Kabi® brush with the palm of your hands with the tip of the brush downwards. Using round motions apply your favorite liquid, cream or powder foundation, bronzer, primer, moisturizer. Great to buff highlight and concealer. The luxurious fibers of this brush apply liquid, cream or powder products flawlessly onto your skin. It is great for blending or applying any makeup giving an airbrush finish. 



KABI® ROUND: This shape is more compact and dense, It is designed to fit perfectly in your cheeks. Use it as a touch-up tool to refresh your makeup throughout the day. It is the ideal brush for the application of cream blush, powder blush and translucent powder all over the face or specific areas. Use it like a sponge with stippling or dabbing motions for more coverage when applying foundation. The shape is great for cream or powder blush, skin care or exfoliating cleansers. 



KABI® PETAL:  Perfect to shape cheekbones, buff and apply any form of liquid, cream or powder makeup. Apply concealer, contour, highlight, bronzer, self-tanning formulas.



KABI ®RECTANGULAR: The sculpting tool.  

Hold the brush horizontally in a back and forth motion right on the hollows of the cheeks to contour and create definition, then upwards motion to blend like hugging the cheekbones. The smooth bristles blend and define the cheekbones effortlessly. Use the same technique to contour forehead, jawline, and can even be used to define abs and create toned legs. Use Kabi® Rectangular vertically around the cheekbones to blend between contouring and highlight and blush. Use it to contour, bronzing, self-tanning, body painting and face painting.