Our Story

Back In 2007 Anabel Vargas and J. Vargas both makeup artists, bodypainters, and designers had the opportunity to work for a recognized brush company in the US, acquiring vast knowledge about the brush industry; The Vargas's indeed fell in love with brushes. 

About 15 years ago  Anabel & John Vargas started to explore with small handle brushes utilizing them in their craft, adapting it for bodypainting, and for the application of HD makeup. 

They discover how short handle brushes and denser bristles could be a new alternative to apply makeup and paints on the skin quickly and seamlessly without the need of airbrush equipment. The Vargas Couple found the need to create a makeup tool designed specially for themselves, to help them perform better in their craft that can ultimately reflect their originality and good taste for design. In 2015 J. Vargas & Anabel Vargas combined their wealth of experience and passion for the beauty industry to launch Vargas Beauty, then together 

they joined their vision to develop Kabi brush®.

 Kabi® is the first ergonomic, magnetic beauty brush for face and body 

that could add benefits to your skin 

through magnetic stimulation.

Kabi Brush® was inspired by the first Japanese makeup bush "Kabuki, "used in the 16th century, and by the approach of ancient cultures to heal with magnets. 

The idea of Kabi® brush came to life in late 2015. The patent-pending Kabi brushes® went through a rigorous testing process to finally meet the highest quality in durability and functionality that today it offers. 

Vargas Beauty created a luxurious collection of four ergonomic brushes, 

design for face and body, to better apply, sculpt, buff and blend makeup flawlessly. And while using them, Kabi®Brush provides the benefits of magnetic stimulation: The more you use Kabi®, the better your skin looks.  

Our new collection of Kabi Brushes ® is a real game changer in the world of beauty, 

We call Kabi the smart makeup brush, a "brush with benefits."